Foundation Application: Sponge vs Brush

Hi Beauty Addicts,

Here’s a little tip from my personal experiences based on a question I have been asked regularly “what should I be applying my foundation with; my fingers, a sponge, or a brush?”


First of all, using your FINGERS is a big ‘NO NO’!

Fingers – CONS:

  • Spreads bacteria from your hands to your face
  • Your fingertips naturally produce oil. When this oil is mixed with foundation, it can be harmful to the pores on your face
  • Waste – when you you use your hands you always tend to use more product than you actually need
  • Uneven application/coverage
  • MESSY!! If your hands are full of foundation it gets everywhere

Fingers – PROS:

  • Some foundations apply beautifully using the fingers because your body produces heat, and the warmth in your hands warms up the foundation on the tips of your fingers

Now, onto the two main contenders.

Sponge – PROS:

  • Inexpensive
  • Great for softening & blending out edges
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Come in different shapes and sizes which help reach hard to get areas; e.g. around the nose

Sponge – CONS:

  • Sponges waste 50% of your product! Think about it, it’s a SPONGE. It rapidly absorbs the product before it even makes contact with the skin, making use and waste more product
  • They harvest bacteria after the first use which means that if you do not dispose the sponge after first use, you are spreading bacteria to the face the second time they use the same sponge, which leads to breakouts!
  • Although they are inexpensive, you have to constantly replace them, and this adds up anyway

Brush – PROS:

  • Value. Think of your brushes as a long term investment. One good brush can last YEARS
  • A variety of shapes and bristle types to choose from, at different price ranges
  • Brushes extend the life of your foundation. You only use as much product as you need – practically zero wastage
  • You can use it for any cream product not just foundation; e.g. moisturiser/face masks
  • Different types of brushes allow different techniques
  • Blend evenly and flawlessly
  • Allow you to achieve a natural finish
  • Can easily kill bacteria with a good brush cleanser

Brush – CONS:

  • They require maintenance, cleaning/washing of the bristles
  • With time, depending on the brand, you will probably lose some bristles here and there

And our winner is … the BRUSH!

To achieve great results when applying makeup, you also need to understand the different types of brushes available. Don’t worry, we’ll be explaining all this and more in our upcoming posts – so stay tuned :)


2 thoughts on “Foundation Application: Sponge vs Brush

    • There is nothing wrong with using a sponge, however if you apply foundation everyday you become more prone to bacteria spreading all over your face because the sponge absorbs bacteria… And this could also lead to a breakout.

      If you regularly change your sponge, you will not encounter these problems. However it still wastes more product.


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